About Sea Envy Studio.


and I am the person behind Sea Envy Studio! Sea Envy is a play on my initials and the meaning of my first name - ‘from the sea.’ As a total beach snob, it also pays homage to my home towns, the two places I go to ground, to be, - and where you will never find more beautiful seas. Yes, the photos on this page are of those very beaches! They remind me of so much, beyond just memories they instill such a sense of beauty and peacefulness that they fit perfectly with the Sea Envy Studio ideals. It is my aim to tell your story from a place of truth, too.

What am I doing here? Well, I was the kid who used to design my homework so it would have ‘a look’ - I couldn’t help it! I was also the volunteer designer of band t-shirts, play fliers, invitations, yearbook designer… it goes on – I was always designing, and somehow, I didn’t pay attention to it. Because when I grew up I wanted to be a musician! And, for the past 20 years I have been writing and performing music (and handwriting all my music so it will look nice, ha!) - which I love!.. All the while I have kept designing: websites, album covers, posters…. I even worked in the design industry for many years, and took classes in graphic design, web design, branding, typesetting, illustration…. for fun!

I recently realized just how much I get excited about helping people tell their unique stories, be that by creating beautiful and functional websites, or by offering insight into brand development and marketing, to lending a hand with graphic design. It’s always been so natural that I don’t think I noticed it, but life has a funny way of knocking until you listen, and so here it is: Sea Envy Studio.

As a musician I understand the unique challenges of working in an artistic field, and on top of that I have extensive small business and design experience – I love to support creatives in sharing their work. Sometimes it just takes that outside person to help everything in fall in place when you’re too close to it to always see clearly. I look forward to hearing from you about what you do, and how I can help!