About Sea Envy Studio.


and I am the person behind Sea Envy Studio. Sea Envy is a play on my initials and the meaning of my first name - ‘from the sea.’ It also pays homage to my home towns in Australia, the two places I go to ground, to be, - and where you will never find more enviable seas {wink}. Beyond memories they instill such a sense of beauty, calm, and peacefulness that they fit perfectly with Sea Envy Studio’s vision.

What am I doing here? Well, a bit of background! – I was the kid who used to design my homework so it would have ‘a look and feel - I couldn’t help it! I was also the volunteer designer of band t-shirts, play fliers, invitations, yearbook designer… and it goes on – I was always designing and somehow, I didn’t pay attention to it. Because when I grew up I wanted to be a musician! And, for the past 20 years I have been writing and performing music (and handwriting all my charts so they will look nice) - which I love!.. Concurrently I have also worked in the design industry, and for fun have taken classes in graphic design, web design, branding, typesetting, and illustration in my spare time.

I recently realized just how much I get excited about helping people tell their unique stories, be that by creating beautiful and functional websites, or by offering insight into brand development and marketing, to lending a hand with graphic design. It’s always been rather natural so I don’t think I noticed it, but life has a funny way of knocking until you listen, and so here it is: Sea Envy Studio.

As a musician I understand the unique challenges of working in an artistic field, and on top of that I have extensive small business and design experience – I love to support people in sharing their work; sometimes when you’re too close to it to always see things clearly, it just takes that outside person to help everything fall into place. I look forward to hearing from you about what you do, and how I can help! 



PS. Here’s just a little Sea Envy for you!
All photos were taken in Esperance and Perth, Western Australia by my husband & I. Easy subjects!